New York City is too important a city to God’s world to ignore. The Seed Project seeks to build a long-term vision for the future and a powerful movement of the gospel for today. We’re taking nine months to reimagine and develop our future as Jesus’ church in the city, for the city. The seed represents a vision that we plant and water, and watch God grow over the next 30 years (1 Corinthians 3:6-7). 


The Seed Project is our opportunity to create a wholistic framework to build disciples and seize opportunities in the city to see people become Christians, be invested in and equipped through the church and sent into the city and to the nations.


  1. Develop a robust, God-Centered framework for Apostles’ future in NYC. Including a sustainable 30 year vision and mission, core strategies to reach our neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. Train and Equip the church in discipleship through teaching in the book of Acts and reading Total Church by Timmis and Chester in Apostles Community groups, as well as strategic DNA training groups.
  3. Fund the vision for short-term advancements of the gospel and long-term ministry sustainability in the church. The goal would be to raise $210,000 by July 2018.



To partner with us in this vision, use the link below to give. Be sure to select “Advent Offering – Union Square.”